Hello, I’m Hector Miranda the human behind volcar, currently working as a design professional focused primarily on Experience Design – UX, Digital Products, Service Design, and Operations.

But there’s more below the surface, I’m an Architecture School dropout with a strong background in graphic design and visual communication, I also spent time in the fields of branding, advertising, and fine arts.

Professional evolution:


I’ve focused strongly on Experience Design during the past 12 years. I’ve held leadership roles while working on multicultural projects in North & South America, and most recently in Europe.

In total, I’ve worked on-site and hands-on in 17 countries with about 7 languages. And yes, I pack my suitcase like a pro and have earned crazy miles!


While English tends to be the business language, the fact I'm also fluent in French and Spanish also comes in handy.

Some of the folks I've had the fortune to work with include:


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