Oct 9, 2017

France is AI

I was fortunate to stumble upon the France is AI event this past week. As much as I dislike the name of the conference – I mean really, we cannot…

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Apr 1, 2016

Zaha Hadid

2016 has taken a lot of well known people, none of which I met personally but whose work I enjoyed and inspired me in different stages of my life….

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  Bulky, big-ass loud speakers, block parties, loud mobile sound systems – we’ve all seen this expression of music and culture. Mostly identified with Jamaican and US ghettoes, it…

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Jun 14, 2013

Upgrade Soul

  Without a great story, every new technology or new form of interaction is meaningless. I can’t remember where I read that but it’s hard to argue against it….

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Jan 11, 2013

Design où es-tu?

I was finally able to visit “Design, where are you?” at the Cité des sciences et de l’industrie. An exhibition for both professionals and the general public, for users…

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Dec 5, 2012

Oscar Niemeyer

Today, Brazilian architect Oscar Niemeyer passed away. He designed some of the 20th Century’s most famous modernist buildings. Mr Niemeyer has died just before his 105th birthday. His leftist…

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Nov 12, 2012

What is Football

Today I was given a challenge: spend a couple of hours putting together a presentation that explains what Football is to somebody who doesn’t know the sport. The following…

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Oct 6, 2012

Nuit Blanche 2012

  This year, my first Nuit Blanche in Paris, was an uneventful evening. It probably doesn’t deserve this post or my time spent on this brief article. For starters,…

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Aug 3, 2012

Bonjour Paris

  Ça-y-est! Finally arrived in Paris after much preparation, a bit of anxiety and frustration. Overall it was a painless process, I consider myself fortunate that every step went…

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Jul 31, 2012

Goodbye New York

  New York, it was much more difficult to quit you than I originally thought. Though I’m certain I’ll be seeing you again soon. After living in Manhattan and…

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